About the hat designer/artist

Tomoko Tahara is a special hat designer with considerable experience in the industry.Having started her design journey in 1996. Her designs are renowned for original design and exquisite uniqueness, and she has showcased her work in several prominent fashion capitals - Tokyo, Vancouver, New York and London, Amsterdam. Tahara has collaborated with several hat companies and boutiques throughout her career, allowing her designs to reach an even greater global audience. Her works have gained a considerable following over the years, and her popularity was further boosted when she was featured on Vogue UK as a short-listed artist at the world renowned Stephen Jones's millinery contest in 2011. Tahara's dedication to her craft is evident in every hat she designs, and her unique and individual style continues to captivate and delight her fans around the world.

Our hats

Tomoko Tahara's hat creation process is very one of a kind.

The hats are made in a small studio located in the South Granville area of Vancouver, which is known for its antique apartments and heritage buildings. This location provides a fitting backdrop for Tomoko's love of all things vintage and antique.

Tomoko has a unique approach to creating her hats, as she finds beauty in things that may be considered forgettable or unattractive. She believes that one person's garbage can be another person's treasure, and this philosophy is reflected in her use of materials.

In addition to using antique and vintage materials, Tomoko also creates new materials that have an aged appearance. This allows her to incorporate the vintage aesthetic into her hats while still using new materials that may be more durable or versatile.

Overall, Tomoko's hat creation process is a unique and creative approach that incorporates new and vintage materials and a love for all things antique. The result is a collection of hats that have a distinctive and one-of-a-kind look, reflecting Tomoko's passion for her craft.

Uniquely, she has another passion - Making good food. She has over a decade of cooking carrier under the chefs and doing her own experimental food project.