About the artist:

Tomoko Tahara is a special hat designer with considerable experience in the industry.Having started her design journey in 1996. Her designs are renowned for original design and exquisite uniqueness, and she has showcased her work in four prominent fashion capitals - Tokyo, Vancouver New York and London, Amsterdam. Tahara has collaborated with several hat companies and boutiques throughout her career, allowing her designs to reach an even greater global audience. Her works have gained a considerable following over the years, and her popularity was further boosted when she was featured on Vogue UK as a short-listed artist at the world renowned Stephen Jones's millinery contest in 2011. Tahara's dedication to her craft is evident in every hat she designs, and her unique and individual style continues to captivate and delight her fans around the world.

Her works:

Tomoko Tahara millinery works’s products are truly intriguting. Each hat is hand-crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that every stitch and every fold is special.

We take great pride in the artistic elements of our hats, with each piece presenting its own unique flair and style. Our hats are highly sought after, with particular materials such as antique materials used in their construction.

From straw to fur, we carefully select the fabrics and other materials to create hats that are both practical and alluring.

When you choose one of our artist's hats, you are making a statement - one that exudes confidence and sophistication. Experience the beauty and prestige of our hand-crafted, artistic hats today.

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See her blogs and past works at Tomoko Tahara website.