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Tomoko Tahara millinery works

Straw sun hat with chin straps - Tomoko Tahara millinery works

Straw sun hat with chin straps - Tomoko Tahara millinery works

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Our sun hat epitomizes timeless charm and practicality, blending elegance with functionality. Crafted from durable straw pressed into our original mold. What sets it apart is its unique touch — painted with natural dyes that makes the hat intricating.

Inspired by the hats worn by working-class boys in the early 1900s, this design seamlessly blends heritage with contemporary appeal. Our clients adore this hat for its enduring appeal, considering it a true classic in every sense.

Versatile and chic, it's the perfect accessory for outdoor gatherings, be it a leisurely long-table picnic dinner or a sun-soaked beach vacation. Whether shielding you from the sun's rays or adding a touch of sophistication to your ensemble, our sun hat is a must-have for any outdoor occasions.

We also have the hat withot chin straps.

The base size is small-medium, 57.5-58cm. Let us know the sizing. We will be able to adjust the size +- 1cm.

Free shipping from Vancouver BC world wide.

All of our hats are handmade with thoughtfully selected fine materials.Our hat molds are hand crafted in our studio with original design.
Let us know if you have questions via conversations.

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